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The profile will be approve ONLY by the next conditions:

1) Minimum 3 Photos (Authorized extensions: JPG, Max. 1Mb)* ,
2) We cannot add NUDE photos anymore for FREE,
3) We cannot add photos with your WATERMARK, 
4) Dnot use the small pictures size. Please use the big size pictures,
5) No a catalog pictures, review or press, please to use only your REAL photos original,
6) No pornographic pictures, dirty or immoral.

CAUTION! NO FAKE PHOTOS PLEASE - this is unfair to clients and other advertisers of our site.
We reserve the right to withdraw such adverts without refund and delete your user account.
If you are concerned about hiding your identity, you can blur your face.

I have your banner on my FIRST PAGE www.......... Why in my contact info link to my website not visible ?

The banner placed like no follow and is not good for our directory so you need to remove our banner NOW from your website, the banner mast to be visible for google !!!
We cannot add you website before you have real link to our directory ! 

How I can create my profile in my private aria ?

If you registered already ?! Now you need to confirm your registrations from your email!
To create profile: Enter to your account on Escort24h > private aria > escort profile > create profile > send to admin moderation ! 

How I know that is the photo of the escort is REAL ?

If you see sticker on escort profile which show to you that is photos are 100% Real.
To get this sticker escorts need to make process of verification :
to upload 1-2 private photos in addition to the passport copy.

Why on some of the escort profiles it say you need to be a member to send msg and on others you don't?

Because after 5 months if the escort not update her profile for as is mean she not available and we not show the contact info till she update gain her profile ! 
Or she put of-line her contact info because now she not available ! 

I want to ask if you are interested to make a banner exchange?

If you won't to make banner exchange, you need to add our code to you index or follow page !!! 
You can find our code here:   
Next step add your banner here:  after admin moderations will put your banner on-line ! 

Don't add our banner code in NO follow palace !!!

I sign up for a new account and i don't receive any confirmation link...

Check is SPAM folder !!!!If you cannot find it in SPAM go to renew confirmation

Why I cannot registered on Escort24H ?

You cannot registered, because maybe you have already account ! 
If you don't remember your password go to renew

What i need to do if I forgot my password?

How I can have listing on Escort24H ?

You need to registered here: 

All your listing on our websites on-line & controlling from one admin aria : 
www.Escort24h.Eu                - Europe 
www.Escort24h.Net               - All the world 
www.EscortS24h.Net            - All the world
www.Escort24h.At                 - Austria 
www.Escort24h.Be                - Belgium              - Israel            - UK
www.Escort24h.Us                - USA
www.Escort24h.Org              -  Turkey  - All big cities